Industrial Projects

Aramark Clean Room – McKinney, Texas
– 40,000-sqft new clean room
Aramark Clean Room – Bloomfield, Connecticut
– 45,000-sqft new clean room
Boeing renovation of Building 67 - St. Louis, Missouri
– Two-story 54,000 SF office remodel at Building 67. New built-up AHU, ductwork, VAV boxes piping, new sprinkler layout, etc.
Boeing B101North Paint Booth - St. Louis, Missouri
– Design assist project with Haberberger Mechanical Contractors to replaces (4) 42,200 CFM AHU’s serving a large paint booth. The units are provided with hot water heating from a high temperature central boiler system. High temperature water is reduced to 180F water through two shell and tube heat exchangers. Cooling is provided to the AHU’s with chilled water coils from a central chilled water plant. The exhaust air is recovered with heat wheels.
Andy’s Seasoning – Seasoning Plant Expansion - St. Louis, Missouri
– 40,000-sqft addition to existing powdered food manufacturing plant to expand production and enlarge processing areas. Project included exhaust systems, HVAC, explosion proof equipment installations.
Barry-Wehmiller 5th Floor Renovation – St. Louis, Missouri
Biokyowa - Amino Acid Addition – Cape Girardeau, Missouri
– 45,000-sqft, $5 million dollar, seven story addition for the design of pumps and piping, for steam, compressed air, sanitary, waste water, slurry, and reclaim water systems. 3D piping design included fire protection and electrical systems, pipe expansion analysis, 3D interference checking and process piping design.
Blue Northern Biodiesel Plant – Newton, Illinois
– Installation of five large biodiesel tanks at existing plant.
Cargill Crane Plant – East St. Louis, Illinois
Certainteed Warehouse – Jonesburg, Missouri
– 100,000-sqft design of HVAC, dry-pipe sprinklers and plumbing systems.
Con Agra Plant Refrigeration Upgrade – St. Louis, Missouri
Con Agra Plant Modifications – Moberly, Missouri
Fabick Caterpillar – Joplin, Missouri
– 44,000-sqft new equipment repair facility for Caterpillar equipment and service trucks, with warehouse regional office, sales area, and tornado shelter area. Designed oil heating system, compressed air, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems.
Fabick Caterpillar – St. Louis, Missouri
– Addition of new facade and sales area to the front of the existing headquarter office building.
Fluid Power – Maryland Heights, Missouri
Foundry Products Warehouse – St. Louis, Missouri
KV Pharmaceutical – St. Louis, Missouri
– 22,000-sqft new pharmaceutical laboratory and office
Lafayette Industries North – Building Upgrade – Berkeley, Missouri
– 10,000-sqft renovation of office and warehouse
Lafayette Industries West – Building Upgrade – Manchester, Missouri
– 4,300-sqft building upgrade to warehouse and office, including 1,500 – sqft clean room.
Louisiana Press Journal – Louisiana, Missouri
Magnum Steel Plant – Mt. Vernon, IL
– 118,000-sqft new plant to refurbish heavy mining equipment. Project included (2) 50 ton and (3) 10 ton one rail cranes and a 25 ton (2) rail crane, primary electric service with multiple medium voltage systems, sandblast room, painting room, fabrication shop and a machine shop.
MCP- USA – Portage, Indiana
– 11,000-sqft new facility for plastic extrusions.
Nestle - David and Sons Sunflower Seed Plant, St. Louis, Missouri
– Addition of specialized rooftop HVAC unit to provide temperature and humidity control in high salt seed transport area.
Noranda – New Madrid, Missouri
– 19,000-sqft Locker/Change House
Moni Jackson – Jackson, Missouri
– 30,000 sqft Plant Expansion
Natures Variety – Lincoln, Nebraska
– 25,000-sqft new building for food processing of flash frozen foods.
Neumark Design and Manufacturing – St. Louis, Missouri
Obermueller Graphic Design – St. Louis, Missouri
Plymouth Tube Scrubber Plant Addition – Hopkinsville, Kentucky
– 100,000-sqft addition to existing tube extrusion plant. Project include relocation industrial scrubber and five 40-foot tube heat treating chemical vats, with steam, water and compressed air.(2) 150 HP air compressors were added to the relocated 150 HP existing air compressor. Quality control and testing lab was relocated and enlarged.
Proportion Foods – Round Rock, Kentucky
– 110,000-sqft addition to existing food processing facility with process piping, air conditioning, steam, condensate, natural gas, compressed air piping design for process equipment.
Republic Recycling Plant – St. Louis, Missouri
– 32,000-sqft, Ventilation of recycling plant, infrared tube heating, compressed air piping and installation of additional sorting machine.
Superior Oil Warehouse and Shop – Arnold, Missouri
– New construction included Class 1 electrical component design throughout the building.
TG Plant Modifications – Perryville, Missouri
– 100,000-sqft addition with high chrome waste water system, copper double-wall piping and specialized pump design.
The Material Works – Osceola, Arkansas
– 100,000-sqft new building with infrared heating and dehumidification, (2) 60 HP air compressor system.
TNT Plastics – Perryville, Missouri
– 14,000-sqft HVAC design with special filtration of airborne particles
Vi-Jon Laboratories HVAC – St. Louis, Missouri
Waste Water Treatment Plant – Paragould, Arkansas
– 5,000-sqft addition with biogas system design. Biogas was captured from (5) lagoons, moisture was removed, and gas was compressed and fed to a turbine generator for on–site electric.
Waste Water Treatment Plant – S. Sioux City, Nebraska
– 15,000-sqft new plant building with dehumidification system for a large utility water filtration system.